Is your wardrobe working for you?

If not, maybe it's time to have a look inside and discover why not?

Here's how ...

 The  'Purely Practical'  makeover

This is an in-person makeover for women who want help de-cluttering and re-organising their wardrobe.

 The  'transfemation'  makeover

This is an emotional and practical transformation for the woman who is ready to be the full expression of her unique self. 

 1:1 Wardrobe  Coaching   online

Totally customised to your personal needs, Sherree draws on all her wardrobe and therapy skills to assist you in fulfilling your intented outcome.

looking for clarity and direction?

these unique card readings can help 

Feminine Expression Readings

Are your clothing choices more about what you 'think' you should wear rather than what you would love to wear?

These unique card readings are a fun process that includes a guided visualisation and mood board to give you plenty of insight into how your feminine truly desires to dress.

Readings are available online and take approximately 1 hour for $111. 

  Understand Our Strategy

heART card readings

I know without a doubt that you have all the answers you need within you.
I also know from personal and client experience that at times it can be hard to access these answers. The ones that come from your heart rather than your head. 

heART readings are one way to access any answers you seek in a simple yet profound way.

30 min online reading $66
1 hour  online reading  $99


Hi beautiful, my name is Sherree Maniks and my unusual skill set helps women to transform their life by transforming their wardrobe.

Why the wardrobe?

Because lurking back there in the dark are all the parts of us that we have been neglecting for years, sometimes even decades and bringing them to the light of day is the only way to reclaim our personal power and transform our life!

wardrobe wisdom