Hi beautiful, 

My name is Sherree and I inspire women to transform their life by transforming their wardrobe.

Why the wardrobe?

Because lurking back there in the dark are all the parts of us that we have been neglecting for years, sometimes even decades and bringing them to the light of day is the only way to reclaim our personal power.

Remember the short skirt you think you can't wear because some chick in the third grade said your legs were too fat?

Or the top that some s*** head at school said looked silly on you because your boobs were so big?

Or the colour you stopped wearing because it was too girly?

Like who would want to be a girl anyway, they are just useless and weak. This was one of my stories, formed at just eight years of age when I silently observed the way my dad spoke to my mum on occasion - men rule, women obey. Eight year olds translation: women are inferior to men, therefore weak. Not a very empowering way to see myself or other women for that matter was it?

So as part of my clothing journey, I reclaimed pink!

I allowed my eight year old self to let her imagination run wild and together we created an over the top gown to celebrate the reclamation of a colour that I used to love all those years ago. 

This is a way I discovered we can heal those hidden parts of ourselves, one clothing memory at a time. 



I have been designing and sewing clothing for thirty five years and I can't imagine my life without my sewing machine (I even feel naked when it goes in for a service lol!) But a part of me intrinsically knew there was something more I needed to do in the world. And one day I found it. Transpersonal Art Therapy. Those two years of study were the catalyst for my personal healing journey and awakening and they also taught me how to hold space for others to access their own healing ability. The unexpected bonus from this training was I discovered I am naturally good at holding space for people to share their story and I do this using the unique card deck I created to help people access their inner wisdom. 

So that was way back in 2007, jump forward to 2020 and I found myself on a farm dog sitting, Diesel and Marley, my soul searching companions. I was participating in an online course by Jay Kimber about Feminine Embodiment, when in a moment of insight, my fashion and art therapy worlds collided in the most unexpected way....wardrobe makeovers for women from the inside out!
Woahhh - what does that even look like I wondered? A course outline practically flew out of my fingertips onto the keyboard. 

I. Got. Super. Excited!!!

All the pieces have been falling into place since then and what you will find on this site are all the ways I have created for you to use your clothing journey as a way home to yourself.

In case you are interested, a few more bits of info about me ... I am a daughter and sister, have given birth once (isn't that enough lol), been married and divorced. I have backpacked around the world, danced on bars, bungee jumped and sky dived. I have painted ten metre long murals, styled parties and weddings and turned rubbish into works of art. I have possibly sewn the circumference of the world (if only I had a tachometer on my sewing machine, I would know if I was exaggerating or not) creating everything from wedding gowns to my first Costume for a Cause for a documentary launch (check it out here) 

Now having lived for 50 years, there is one thing that is crystal clear ... I have to be me and you have to be you.

No more hiding our unique beauty in the back of our wardrobes ladies ... it's time to be seen!